Quality Produce

The key to creating our premium sausages is sourcing the best Australian produce. We carefully select quality small batches of 100% Angus Beef, Free Range Pork and RSPCA Approved Chicken.

Crafted Recipes

This is where the carefully crafted flavour comes in. Our unique recipes are perfectly balanced, combining coarsely ground Angus Beef, Pork and Chicken with a range of ingredients that are carefully chosen to highlight the distinct flavours of each protein. From Sticky BBQ Pork and Chicken Burgundy to the hearty Angus Beef & Ale, all our Small Batch Premium Sausages are packed with flavour.

70% Less Plastic Packaging

You may have noticed our packaging looks a little different to normal sausages. With Our Small Batch range we have committed to cutting down the use of plastic packaging by using recyclable cardboard instead. This packaging has 70% less plastic weight as compared to the plastic tray and lid film packaging alternative.

As verified by two independent NATA accredited laboratories